Interwood Forest Products

Ziricote (Cordia, dodecandra)

Trade Names:  Ziricote

Origin:  Central America

Range:  Central America from Mexico to Columbia, here and there in the south of the USA (Florida) and Brazil. Trees with usable log lengths of more than 3 m and 30 cm in diameter are extremely rare. Ziricote is the heaviest wood in the group comprising more than the 250 different species of cordia.

Uses:  Turneries, carvings. High end architectural installations.

Properties:  Sapwood is white yellowish, the heartwood dark brown with irregular deep black zones. Very decorative when used together with the light sapwood. A wood with strong character.

Machining:  It is very easy and good to machine with all tools. Planed surfaces are very smooth and have a beautiful, intensive luster.

Seasoning:  The wood can be very well and quickly dried but there is a tendency for the ends to split. Care is to be taken to ensure good, careful drying.

A typical specimen for Ziricote (Cordia, dodecandra)