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Yew, American (Faxus, brevifolia)

Similiar Woods:  English Yew, Fir, Manio

Trade Names:  Pacific Yew, Western Yew

Origin:  West coast of North America

Range:  Southern Alaska, all the way to coastal central California, as well as to the slopes of the Rocky mountains in Montana and Idaho.

Uses:  For Archery bows and reproduction furniture as replacement for scarce English Yew.

Properties:  Hard, strong, dense, with a fine close grain. Durable and resistant to insect and fungal attack. Very rarely exceeds a diameter over 16".

Machining:  Easy to machine, bends and turns well.

Seasoning:  Dries slowly, occasionally develops shake.

A typical specimen for Yew, American (Faxus, brevifolia)