Interwood Forest Products

Walnut, Australian (Endeandra, palmerstinu)

Similiar Woods:  Paldao, European Walnut

Trade Names:  Australian Walnut, Queensland Walnut, Orientalwood

Origin:  Australia

Range:  This tree is confined only to northern Queensland.

Uses:  Rare and highly sought after for its lustrous and colorful finish used for architectural panels and high end cabinetry.

Properties:  A colorful wood, sometimes achieving pinkish-brown to grayish-green colors with black veining. Although not a true walnut, this specie has a smooth even lustrous texture. When fresh cut the wood possesses an obnoxious odor similar to that of a barn yard.

Machining:  Due to it's high silica content, carbide tipped blades are essential when sawing. Sharp tools are a necessity when working with this wood. Does not bend well.

Seasoning:  When drying, this specie tends to split and warp. Extra care is needed to coat the ends of lumber and to weighing the stacks of lumber during the drying process. Once completed the wood is stable.

A typical specimen for Walnut, Australian (Endeandra, palmerstinu)