Interwood Forest Products

Walnut, African (Lovoa, trichilioides)

Similiar Woods:  Sapele (grain)

Trade Names:  Dibetou, African Walnut, Tigerwood, Golden Walnut

Origin:  Africa

Range:  Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabo, Congo, Uganda, Tanzania

Uses:  Furniture, paneling.

Properties:  A tan specie often referred to as "blond sapeli" with which it has a similar ribbon stripe. It is not a true walnut although it’s strength properties are nearly the same.

Machining:  Works well with machine and hand tools.

Seasoning:  African Walnut has a tendency to split when drying. Warping is not an issue when drying.

A typical specimen for Walnut, African (Lovoa, trichilioides)