Interwood Forest Products

Sassafrass (Sassafras, albidum)

Trade Names:  Sassafras, Golden Elm, Smelling Stick

Origin:  North America

Range:  Widely distributed in North America, particularly from Southeast Canada in the eastern region of the USA to beyond Florida.

Uses:  Preferred for exterior purposes such as for building boats, ships, bridges and docks as well as for cabinets and also used in joineries, carpenter shops and turneries. The wood is primarily of local significance in the USA. It has never established itself in Europe.

Properties:  The color is light grey-brown to silver-brown. The wood produces a strong sweet fenchel odor and as a result is not subject to insect attack.

Machining:  This light-weight wood can be easily worked with all tools. There is no tendency to checking and there is little dulling of tools. Very smooth surfaces are produced.

Seasoning:  Sassafras is not difficult to dry and dries quickly without tendency to check.

A typical specimen for Sassafrass (Sassafras, albidum)