Interwood Forest Products

Roble (Northofaqus, obliqua)

Similiar Woods:  Rauli, Coihue, Coigui, Lenga

Trade Names:  Roble, Roble-Pellin

Origin:  Chile, Argentina

Range:  In Chile, from Santiago to Porto Mont and in Argentina the area adjacent to this grows in deep fertile soils in low elevations but also in higher elevations up to 6000'.

Uses:  Used for flooring, turnery, furniture, bridge construction, and posts. In burl form it is a very valuable specie used as veneer for high end architectural projects. Resembles maple and also elm in the burl form.

Properties:  A very strong rigid durable wood which is resistant to rot and decay.

Machining:  Machines well with all tools but with some blunting effect.

Seasoning:  Must be dried slowly in order to prevent checking and warping.

A typical specimen for Roble (Northofaqus, obliqua)