Interwood Forest Products

Purple Heart (Pletogyne, pubescens)

Similiar Woods:  Jarrah, Bloodwood, Merbau

Trade Names:  Purpleheart, Amaranth, Pau Roxo, Morado, Violetwood

Origin:  Central and South America

Range:  Mexico, all of Central America and all of northern tropical South America.

Uses:  Docks, vats, construction, timbers, flooring, bridges, gymnasium equipment, boat building, furniture, paneling, tool handles, inlay work, marquetry.

Properties:  Purpleheart is strong, stiff and resistant to shock with a moderate steambending classification. It is a durable wood in which the heartwood is resistant to decay. When fresh cut the wood is brown turning to a lustrous purple with age.

Machining:  Difficult to work with , blunting effects on tools.

Seasoning:  The timber seasons fast with little degrade.

A typical specimen for Purple Heart (Pletogyne, pubescens)