Interwood Forest Products

Prima Vera (Tabebuia, donnell-smithii)

Similiar Woods:  Avodire, Satinwood

Trade Names:  Prima Vera, Durango, White Mahogany, Palo Blanco

Origin:  Central America

Range:  Southwestern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua.

Uses:  Furniture, cabinets, decorative veneers.

Properties:  A lightweight, yellow-golden wood with interlocking grain which often appears as a broken stripe and on occasion has a mottled figure as well. Has medium strength in bending, crushing and resistance to shock loads, making it a good choice for steam bending

Machining:  Due to the interlocking grain and softness of the wood, care is needed in the surfacing of the lumber. It is not a good wood for turning.

Seasoning:  Dries easily and rapidly with very little degrade.

A typical specimen for Prima Vera (Tabebuia, donnell-smithii)