Interwood Forest Products

Poplar (Lirodendron, tulipifera)

Trade Names:  Tulip Tree, Yellow Poplar

Origin: USA

Range:  Easteron region of the USA, planted and cultivated in other countries.

Uses:  Sliced and peeled veneer, used almost exclusively for interior surfaces. In Southern Europe also used to some extent as veneer for lower priced, mass-producted furniture.

Properties:  The heartwood varies from light yellow to reddish brown and darkens very quickly in the air. Poplar is a light-weight, soft wood and very liable to insect attack. The bark is used for medical purposes.

Machining:  Poplar can be machined well and easily with all tools. Planed surfaces have a mat gloss finish. Well-sharpened tools prevent the surface from becoming slightly woolly.

Seasoning:  Drying is easy and quick without any risk of checking and warping. As a general rule, no inner tension develops.

A typical specimen for Poplar (Lirodendron, tulipifera)