Interwood Forest Products

Planetree (Platanus, spp.)

Trade Names:  Planetree, American Sycamore

Origin:  Europe, Asia, USA

Range:  Europe, Asia, North America. Prefers loose, deep and moist clay soils, rich in nutrients. Frequently to be found along water courses and in river plains.

Uses:  For veneer, lumber, musical instruments, fruit crates, at present used as solid wood for furniture. Was considered to be an inferior wood not accepted by the furniture industry until the mid-nineties when it became fashionable. Occasionally available in burl and cluster form used for high end projects.

Properties:  After felling the color is first orange-red and subsequently darkens to a reddish-white or brownish-red.

Machining:  Working Planetree by hand and tools presents no difficulties. It can be easily planed, molded and turned. Very smooth surfaces are produced.

Seasoning:  Planetree can be dried well and quickly without any great tendency to check and warp.

A typical specimen for Planetree (Platanus, spp.)