Interwood Forest Products

Pimento (Shimas, molle)

Similiar Woods:  ---

Trade Names: Pimento

Origin:  Chile, Argentina

Range:  From the 25th parallel to the 35th parallel. Uses: 1000 FT - 4000 FT as burl veneer for ornamental high end furniture and for architectural paneling.

Properties:  An ornamental flooring tree with grape like red fruits which are growing sporadically in the country side. The trees are often planted in city squares and also tree rows on roads for show and shade. Some trees develop burls which are valuable as veneer. This specie has a multicolored heartwood of green, pink, brown and red tones. Other than burl form, the wood is of little economic importance.

Machining:  Machines easily.

Seasoning:  Dries quickly with very little degrade.

A typical specimen for Pimento (Shimas, molle)