Interwood Forest Products

Pecan (Carya illenoensis, aquatica)

Trade Names:  Pecan, Pecan Hickory, Water Hickory Similar Woods: Hickory

Origin: Mississippi River Valley, USA

Range: East and west of the Mississippi River including Texas and into Mexico.

Uses:  Wheelwrights work, tool handles, drum sticks, ladder rungs, furniture, paneling.

Properties:  A strong, stiff, hard, shock resistant specie with excellent steam bending qualifications. Sapwood is wide and white whereas the heartwood is pinkish-brown.

Machining:  Pecan has a severe blunting effect on cutters.

Seasoning:  The timbers season rapidly with little degrade but with a high shrinkage rate.

A typical specimen for Pecan (Carya illenoensis, aquatica)