Interwood Forest Products

Okoume (Aucoume, klaineana)

Similiar Woods:  Nyatoh, Guarea

Trade Names:  Okoume, Gabon

Origin: Gabon

Range:  Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo.

Uses:  Used primarily for plywood, pulp, several ornamental applications can be made from heavily figured logs as well as the crotches obtained from the fork of the tree.

Properties:  Light in weight but very strong for it's weight. Light pink in color. The trees reach a height of over 140' with diameters up to 6'. The wood is very sound and high yielding.

Machining:  Should use hard metal alloy blades due to crystalline deposits in the wood.

Seasoning:  Dries easily with little consequences.

A typical specimen for Okoume (Aucoume, klaineana)