Interwood Forest Products

Merbau (Intsia, spp.)

Similiar Woods:  Sucupira

Trade Names:  Merbau, Ipil, Lumpa, Kwila, Vese

Origin:  Indonesia

Range:  The tropical rainforests of southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea) bordering swamps, rivers, floodplains while tolerating a wide array of soil types.

Uses:  Flooring, window and door frames, high grade joinery.

Properties:  Has an orange/brown/bronze color with interlocking grains

Machining:  Hard to work with hand tools but with sharp blades it machines to a smooth finish.

Seasoning:  Stable, dries well with little loss in shrinkage (7.8%).

A typical specimen for Merbau (Intsia, spp.)