Interwood Forest Products

Marfim (Balfourodendron, riedelianum)

Trade Names:  Marfim, Guatambu, Bahia Satinwood

Origin:  South America

Range:  Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. In the southern part of Brazil around Mato Grosso. The tree can reach a height of 20 - 40 m with a diametre between 40 - 70 cm. The slightly figured wood resembles Satinwood and is difficult to find.

Uses:  The non-figured wood is frequently used for furniture production in South America. In the figured form, the wood is used for architectural panels. Sometimes used as substitute for the extremely expensive Satinwood.

Properties:  Marfim is a cream colored, relatively uniform wood without strong characteristics in structure. Only in the rare figured form decorative and suitable for interior design. The figure can vary greatly. From very fine - bee’s wing - to strongly prominent.

Machining:  Marfim can easily be machined with all tools.

Seasoning:  Slow drying is recommended as the wood is highly prone to warping and checking.

A typical specimen for Marfim (Balfourodendron, riedelianum)