Interwood Forest Products

Maple, Australian (Flindersia, brayleana)

Similiar Woods:  Khaya, ivorensis

Trade Names:  Queensland maple, silkwood

Uses:  A premier cabinet wood in Australia, Queensland maple is also widely used as docorative paneling in its veneer form. Used for gun stocks and airplane propellers in solid forms.

Properties:  The wood is a light pink/brown in color. The close textured interlocking grain produces a wide variety of figure types. Strong for its weight and resistant to shock loads.

Machining:  Works satisfactorily with hand and machine tools. Not recommended for turnery due to its interlocking grain.

Seasoning:  Must be seasoned slowly and carefully. Prone to collapse, cupping and warping.

A typical specimen for Maple, Australian (Flindersia, brayleana)