Interwood Forest Products

Linden (Tilia cordata, Tilia platyphylla)

Trade Names:  European Lime, Basswood, Linden

Origin:  Europe and North America

Range:  Linden trees are to be found all over Europe and well into the former USSR and the Eastern United States and are forested but not cultivated systematically. In Western Europe mainly found in parks and especially popular as the traditional tree to adorn village squares. Lindens can live to be over one thousand years old.

Uses:  Veneers generally used for subordinate purposes, often as dyed veneers. Best known as a carving wood. Used also for making matches, pencils and drawing boards as well as clogs. Produces excellent charcoal.

Properties:  Color may vary from white, to yellow and also red, and staining can easily occur when steamed. Limewood is not very durable nor weatherproof.

Machining:  Linden can be very easily and cleanly machined when dry. Surfaces are smooth. Mainly used for wood carving.

Seasoning:  Generally, Linden can be very easily and quickly dried. However, seasoning should not be hurried to avoid surface and end checking.

A typical specimen for Linden (Tilia cordata, Tilia platyphylla)