Interwood Forest Products

Limba, White (Terminalia, superba)

Trade Names:  Limba, Afara, Egoin, Frake, Ofram

Origin:  Africa

Range:  Limba is found in the West African rain forests on the Guinea coast. The tree is distributed most frequently in the Congo.

Uses:  Limba is a favorite wood for the production of plywood, sliced and peeled veneer. Also used in furniture production, for painted doors and for moldings.

Properties:  The color varies greatly by region. Limba from the Congo has the desired light yellow color, whereas the wood from the Ivory Coast can be brown to black in color. Limba is the dominating species of wood in the Belgian Congo and is exported from there in significant quantities.

Machining:  Limba can be easily and cleanly machined by all usual wood working methods. Alternating spiral grain presents no problems with normal feed.

Seasoning:  To guard against attack by insects the wood should be kiln-dried soon after cutting and with greatest care due to its inner tension. It must be noted that the dark heartwood takes longer to dry.

A typical specimen for Limba, White (Terminalia, superba)