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Laurel, East Indian (Terminalia, tomentosa)

Trade Names:  Laurel

Origin:  India

Range:  Laurel is extremely difficult to obtain because it can only be exported from India as veneer.

Uses:  Local significance in India as engineering and construction lumber. In the veneer industry it only has significance in North America and Southeast Asia but not in Europe. Used in North America and Southeast Asia as high quality interior construction wood.

Properties:  Grey wood with black lines. The most sought form has distinct figuring.

Machining:  Laurel can be worked well and cleanly with all tools. Planed surfaces have a silky luster finish. There is no problem to molding and turning.

Seasoning:  Drying is to be carefully controlled because Laurel shrinks to a very high degree (15%). The result of this is that Laurel easily checks and is prone to warping.

A typical specimen for Laurel, East Indian (Terminalia, tomentosa)