Interwood Forest Products

Larch (Larix, decidua)

Trade Names:  Larch

Origin:  Central Europe

Range:  Alps, Carpatheans, Sudeten, South Poland, also cultivated in the USA and in a few areas in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Uses:  Sliced veneer for faces, furniture, lining and paneling.

Properties:  Dark brown to dark red-brown color. Resin pockets, resin knots, interlocking and shakes cause slight problems when slicing.

Machining:  Larch is easy to work with all hand and machine tools. However, exuding resin can easily contaminate tools and cause sticking.

Seasoning:  As a general rule Larch is easy and quick to dry. It must also be remembered that it tends to warp.

A typical specimen for Larch (Larix, decidua)