Interwood Forest Products

Lacewood (Roupola spp., brasillenis, montana)

Trade Names:  Louro Faia, Brazilian Silky Oak, Lacewood

Origin:  South America

Range:  Northern and central parts of South America with main growing area in Brazil.

Uses:  As veneers, South American Lacewood has been used for furniture and panel applications as well as dashboards in cars. In lumber form it is used for parquet production and sometimes for decks of ships.

Properties:  Due to distinct and very regular center rays, a highly decorative picture develops when this species is worked up in quarter resembling snakeskin. Color varies from orange pink to dark brown.

Machining: South American Lacewood is easy to work with all tools.

Seasoning:  Highly prone to warping. Must be dried with care.

A typical specimen for Lacewood (Roupola spp., brasillenis, montana)