Interwood Forest Products

Kosipo (Entendrophragm candollei)

Similiar Woods:  Sipo, Sapeli, Tiama,

Trade Names:  Candollei, Omu, Atom-assie

Origin:  Africa

Range: Tropical West Africa, from the Ivory Coast in the north, to the Angola in the south.

Uses:  Boat building, furniture, flooring, and paneling.

Properties:  This red-brown heartwood has straight interlocking grain with high crushing strength resistant to the shock loads but poor when it comes to steambending.

Machining:  Has a moderate blunting effect on cutting tools. It's interlocking grain can be troublesome.

Seasoning:  Careful, slow drying is needed to prevent distortions.

A typical specimen for Kosipo (Entendrophragm candollei)