Interwood Forest Products

Koa (Acacia, koa)

Similiar Woods:  Blackwood (AU.), Etimoe

Trade Names: Koa

Origin:  Hawiian Islands

Range:  On all of the larger islands of the Hawiian group growing at sea level and all the way up to elevation of 6000'.

Uses:  Koa is world famous for the Hawiian ukeleles. Also used for guitars, fine furniture, gunstocks, and veneered for architectual paneling.

Properties:  Koa has a variety of colors ranging from light yellow, to orange, red and brown sometimes with only monotone colors. The texture of the wood is fine and occasionally has various figures especially from logs found in the higher elevations.

Machining:  Works well with all tools.

Seasoning:  Dries easily without degrade.

A typical specimen for Koa (Acacia, koa)