Interwood Forest Products

Kingwood (Dalbergia, cearensis)

Similiar Woods:  Santos Rosewood, Tulipwood (SA)

Trade Names:  Kingwood, pau violete

Origin:  South American

Range:  Brazil

Uses:  Inlay, marquetry, oyster veneering, antique reproduction furniture from the signs of King Louie XIV & XV of France

Properties:  A small tree, with diameters rarely reaching 12" and lengths of clear cuts (before branches) rarely exceeding 6'. The heartwood is variegated with colors of orange-red to violete-brown while having black contrasty striping. It's a hard and strong specie which is prized for its color.

Machining:  Works well with machine and hand tools with moderate dulling effect.

Seasoning:  Dries rapidly and care is needed to avoid tendancies to split and check.

A typical specimen for Kingwood (Dalbergia, cearensis)