Interwood Forest Products

Jatoba (Hymenaea, courbaril)

Similiar Woods:  Teak, Goncalo Alves

Trade Names: Jatoba, Courbaril, West Indian Locust, Jatar Vermehlo

Origin: Central & South America

Range:  Mexico, Central America, South America, West Indies.

Uses:  Joinery, turnery, furniture, cabinets, flooring, stains, boat, parts, tool handles, decorative veneers

Properties:  The heartwood is red to orange brown with dark brown and russet streaks. The wood is strong and durable. Has interlocking grain with a relatively course texture.

Machining:  A difficult wood to work having a dulling effect on cutting tools.

Seasoning:  Difficult to dry. Must be dried slowly due to tendencies of warping and checking.

A typical specimen for Jatoba (Hymenaea, courbaril)