Interwood Forest Products

Iroko (Chlorophora, excelsa)

Similiar Woods:  Teak, Goaibao

Trade Names:  Odum, "African Teak"

Origin: Africa

Range: The eastern and western countries of central Africa from Sierra Leone to Angola to Mozambique.

Uses: Boat decking, flooring, furniture, paneling, mining timbers, vats, turnery, veneers and lumber.

Properties:  A golden yellow to a dark brown specie with medium density but shock resistant and It has a very durable interlocking grain and sometimes contains calcium-carbonate deposits. Machining: Works satisfactorily with hand and machine tools but has a blunting effect when calcium carbonate deposits are present.

Seasoning:  Dries rapidly without much degrade. Has a tendency to show stick marks during drying.

A typical specimen for Iroko (Chlorophora, excelsa)