Interwood Forest Products

Ipe (Tabebuia, serratifolia)

Similiar Woods:  Wenge

Trade Names:  Ipe, Ironwood, Greenheart, Lapacho Negro

Origin:  South and Central America as well as the Caribbean

Range:  Widespread in South and Central America while not being sensitive to growing sites or soil conditions. There is a large and varied population of trees which are classified under the genus Tabebuia which have yet to be defined. Uses: Bridge building, dock work, decking, exterior construction, tool handles, bows, as well as decorative veneers for paneling.

Properties:  Because of the wide variety of Tabebuia, there is likewise a variety of characteristics. In general, the wood is grayish-green when fresh cut, turning into a dark brown with age. The grain is sometimes straight and at times interlocking. It is a hard, heavy wood which is also resistant to attack from decay, fungi, and insects. Machine dust is an irritant.

Machining:  Ipe is very hard to work.

Seasoning:  Seasons easily with no complications of warping or checking.

A typical specimen for Ipe (Tabebuia,  serratifolia)