Interwood Forest Products

Hickory (Carya, glabra)

Similiar Woods:  Pecan

Trade Names:  Pignut Hickory, Shellbark Hickory, Red or White Hickory

Origin:  North America

Range:  Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States

Uses:  Striking tool handles, spokes for wheels, ladder rungs, drum sticks, sports equipment, flooring, furniture, sliced for decorative veneers.

Properties:  Hard, dense, stiff, elastic shock resistant with outstanding bending qualities make this wood no match to any other.

Machining:  Machining could prove challenging when not using sharp tools. Has blunting effect on cutters.

Seasoning:  Requires careful seasoning in order to prevent splitting, checking and warping. Has a high degree of shrinkage when drying.

A typical specimen for Hickory (Carya, glabra)