Interwood Forest Products

Gum, Red (Liquidambar, styraciflua)

Trade Names:  Red Gum, Satin Walnut

Origin: United States

Range:  From southern Connecticut to Central Florida, and up to eastern Texas but growing primarily along the Mississippi River basin and the Gulf states.Grows up to 30 m tall with diameters reaching up to 3..

Uses:  The figured (or flamed) heartwood is very valuable in veneer form where it is used architecturally worldwide.

Properties:  The sapwood is cream-colored and relatively uniform-looking; the heart wood is of a reddish to dark-brown color both of which can alternate within one single log, thus creating a beautiful marble-like effect. When working up the sap and heart wood together, an extremely decorative result is obtained. The heart wood often has a silky sheen.

Machining:  The wood can easily be worked with all tools.

Seasoning:  The wood is highly prone to checking and warping and drying must be done slowly and carefully. Even after fitting-in, strong distortion of the wood may occur in case of variations in temperature.

A typical specimen for Gum, Red (Liquidambar, styraciflua)