Interwood Forest Products

Goiabao (Pouteria, pachcarpa, Planchonella, pachycarpa)

Trade Names:  Goiabao, Abiu Casca Grossa, Abiurana

Origin:  South America, all through Brazil, in the Basin of the Amazon

Range:  See origin above. Hardly any literature available. No further details possible.

Uses:  Used in South America in ship building, furniture, flooring and construction wood. Desirable in the USA as veneers with figure.

Properties:  From yellow to brown depending on how the wood is steamed. Shows very little structure even after surface finishing. More interesting in the figured form. Then used for interior and special object construction.

Machining:  All tools can be used without any problems.

Seasoning:  Needs to be done with care as wood is highly prone to warping. Slight tendency to checking.

A typical specimen for Goiabao (Pouteria, pachcarpa, Planchonella, pachycarpa)