Interwood Forest Products

Fir (Pseudotsuga, menziesii)

Range:  Primarily in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia between the pacific coast and the Cascade Mountain range but extending as far south asMexico.Uses: Building and construction as well as cross ties, mine timbers, poles, fencing, laminated beams, boat construction and general millwork. Also producedas veneer for multiple uses.Properties: This specie has the highest strength to weight ratio of any North American tree. The grain is very straight. The heartwood is reddish/tan with anorange hew.Machining: This specie is very brittle and splits easily. Machining with power tools is easy but can be quite difficult with hand tools.

Seasoning:  Seasons fast and with relative ease.

A typical specimen for Fir (Pseudotsuga, menziesii)