Interwood Forest Products

Ebony (Diospyros, celebica)

Trade Names:  Macassar, Ebony, Marble Wood

Origin:  Celebes Islands (East Indies)

Range:  Celebes Islands, possibly also Malukut Borneo.

Uses:  Highest quality architectural woodwork, inlays and musical instruments.

Properties:  The wood is black with contrasty stripes, often marbled. The wood has a distinct sheen and is most decorative.

Machining:  Despite its extreme hardness Macassar is not particularly difficult to work. Very smooth surfaces are given when planed. Sawdust should be efficiently extracted because of the risk of inflammation of the eyes and skin.

Seasoning:  Since Macassar is prone to checking it should be dried very slowly and carefully. It should definitely be kept out of the sun.

A typical specimen for Ebony (Diospyros, celebica)