Interwood Forest Products

Divida (Scorodophloeus, zenkeri)

Similiar Woods:  Olive tree, Zebrawood

Trade Names:  Divida, Olom, Nsigna, Ulili, Garlic Tree

Origin:  Western Africa ranging from Cameroon in the north to the Congo in the south.

Uses:  The wood (including the bark) has a garlic/onion smell. Used as a spice for cooking and also as a traditional medicine for the treatment of headache, cough, rheumatism and constipation. As veneer, used for decorative purposes due to the color and grain configurations.

Properties:  Divida has a strong distinct garlic like smell. It's heartwood develops strong contrasting (yellow/brown) colors. Having medium density, strength and hardness, little else is known of this unexploited tree as of 2009.

Machining:  Machines easily with all tools.

Seasoning:  Dries well with little degrade.

A typical specimen for Divida (Scorodophloeus, zenkeri)