Interwood Forest Products

Cypress (Taxodium, distichum)

Trade Names:  Cypress, Southern Cypress, Swamp-Cypress, Gulf-Cypress

Origin:  North America

Range:  On the Eastern coast from Delaware to Florida and in all the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico as well as all the southern states bordering the Mississippi River up to southern Illinois.

Uses:  Beams, posts, docks, bridges as well as shingles, vats, siding, sash, door paneling, trim and general millwork.

Properties:  The sapwood is yellowish-white which merges into heartwood which has a range of color from yellow to red to brown. The wood is lighweight, course textured, strong, stiff, durable and resistant to decay and insects. The wood has a tacky feel and a rancid odor.

Machining:  An ideal wood to machine and shape.

Seasoning:  Due to it's high moisture content special, care is required when kiln-drying.

A typical specimen for Cypress (Taxodium, distichum)