Interwood Forest Products

Curupixa (Micropholis, venulosa)

Trade Names:  Curupixa

Origin:  South America

Range:  In South America’s tropical area, mainly in the Amazon basin and Guyana. The tree reaches heights up to 40 m and diameters up to 90 cm.

Uses: Some demand as figured veneers. Used for interior construction and for furniture production. In South America, Curupixa is used in the veneer production and also for plywood, parquetry and construction wood. Most veneers are manufactured as quarters.

Properties:  The wood is yellowish to gray-brown, sometimes with a rosy touch. The structure is smooth and even with no prominent appearance.

Machining:  Requires machining with carbide tools which still tend to dull.

Seasoning:  Only slight tendency to warp and check.

A typical specimen for Curupixa (Micropholis, venulosa)