Interwood Forest Products

Coigui (Nothofagus, procera)

Trade Names:  Coigue, Lenga, Fireland Cherry, Rauli

Origin: South America

Range:  Mainly in Chile up to Patagonia, the most southern point of South America, where there are larger stands. The tree may have up to 100 cm in diameter and grows up to 40 m high and 20 m thereof can be without any branches. Nothofagus belongs to the Beech family

Uses:  Used for furniture and sometimes also for interior architectural work. In the 90's,Coigue lumber was very much in demand as a cheap substitute for Cherry. Today, it is commonly refered to as Fireland Cherry. In South America, it is a good and popular commercial wood for many uses.

Properties:  The color can vary – from yellowish-pink to a dark red.The wood is primarily quarter cut due to tension in the wood..

Machining: Working of the wood with all tools creates no problem.Seasoning: No problem, however, drying is to be done slowly.

A typical specimen for Coigui (Nothofagus, procera)