Interwood Forest Products

Cerejiera (Torresea, acreana T.)

Trade Names:  Cerejeira, Tiger Cerejiera

Origin:  South America

Range:  Limited to Argentine and Brazil, particularly in the Amazon basin.

Uses:  Used for furniture and paneling but more popular in the USA than in Europe. Valuable in it's crotch form for veneered furniture.

Properties:  Difficult to slice. Some rough patches are almost impossible to avoid. A yellow wood with a honey smell, it sometimes has red striping and is referred to as Tiger Cerejiera.

Machining:  Due to the interlocking grain machining calls for a slow feed speed. Planed surfaces are slightly rough and have to be sanded down.

Seasoning:  The tendency to check is particularly apparent with this species of wood and can only be reduced by careful drying.

A typical specimen for Cerejiera (Torresea, acreana T.)