Interwood Forest Products

Cabreuva (Myroxylon, balsamum)

Range:  From southern Mexico, Central America and the middle to northern ranges of South America.

Uses:  Widely used in all facets of woodworking from flooring to fine furniture as well as posts and railroad ties. Used as a shade trees in coffee plantations.Trees were tapped in order to acquire medicinal oil.

Properties:  The wood has a range of color from light brown to red to purple. The grain also has a range from interlocking and also uniform straight striping.The wood has a pleasant spicy scent when cut.

Machining:  This species is moderately difficult to work and has a dulling effect on cutters.

Seasoning:  Seasons moderately well with some tendency to warping/checking when strong interlocking grain is present.

A typical specimen for Cabreuva (Myroxylon, balsamum)