Interwood Forest Products

Black Bean (Castenospermum, australe)

Trade Names: Black Bean, Bean Tree, Moreton Bay Chestnut

Origin:  Australia

Range:  Sparsley, in New South Wales and Queensland

Uses:  One of the finest Australian woods used for decorative purposes, mainly high-end furniture, architectural paneling and fancy carvings and turney.

Properties:  The wood is medium brown to a chocolate-brown in color sometimes with contrasting stripes. It is strong, stiff and somewhat brittle. Unsuited for steam bending. Has a greasy feel to the wood.

Machining:  Due to mineral deposits in the wood and its interlocking grain, Blackbean can be difficult to work.

Seasoning:  Has a tendency collapse, honeycomb and split what kiln dried. Air drying is highly recommended.

A typical specimen for Black Bean (Castenospermum, australe)