Interwood Forest Products

Ash, Olive (Fraxinus, spp)

Trade Names:  Olive Ash

Origin:  Europe

Range:  Area of distribution (see: European Ash). As far as Olive Ash is concerned this is not a botanical species in its own right. The name refers only to the coloring of the wood. If the tree develops a heart, it is not shaped the normal way but shows as dark brown stripes alternating with the yellowish-white stripes of the other zones. This makes the wood decorative in character especially in it's burl form.

Uses:  Decorative veneer for interiors.

Properties:  Extremely decorative as a result of the change between dark and white annual ring zones. Not to be mistaken for the Olive Ash having no white annual ring zones.

Machining:  Ash can be easily and well worked with all tools. Coarse grown logs tend to split down on planed edges. Surfaces turn out very smooth.

Seasoning:  Drying should be carried out at moderate temperatures and not too quickly. There is only a slight tendency to warp. Surface checking is a very seldom occurrence.

A typical specimen for Ash, Olive (Fraxinus, spp)