Interwood Forest Products

Ash, Black (Frasanus, nigra)

Similiar Woods:  Brown Ash, Sen, Olive Ash

Trade Names:  Black Ash, Swamp Ash, Basket Ash

Origin:  North America

Range:  In the Great Lakes Region to the Atlantic seaboard, favoring low moist soil, found along streams and logs growing with White Birch and Black Spruce.

Uses:  For bending, basket weaving, furniture, paneling, cabinetry

Properties:  A lightweight, porous, fairly soft specie with grayish brown contrasting colors. Does not have near the qualities of a white ash when it comes to density, strength and resistance to abrasion.

Machining:  Works easily with all tools.

Seasoning:  Easily, air-dried with little degrade.

A typical specimen for Ash, Black (Frasanus, nigra)