Interwood Forest Products

Andiroba (Carapa, guianensis)

Similiar Woods:  Andiroba, Crabwood, Cedro Macho, Swietenia Macrphylla

Trade Names:  Krapa

Origin:  Cuba, Central Americas, Northern South America

Range:  Thriving in moist lowllands, can exist also in wet higher elevations.

Uses:  As decorative veneers, sometimes figured, for paneling and architectural projects.

Properties:  Similar to bigleaf mahogany in weight and appearance with Andiroba having a finer texture.

Machining:  Although mahogany - like in appearance it machines more like a maple. It turns very well and is quite easy to bring to a smooth surface.

Seasoning:  Andiroba has a volumeric shrinkage of 10.4% making this a specie where warping could be a problem.

A typical specimen for Andiroba (Carapa, guianensis)