Interwood Forest Products

Afrormosia (Pericopsis, elata)

Trade Names:  Afrormosia, Kokrodua, Assamela, Golden Teak

Origin:  West Africa, between the Congo and the Ivory CoastRange: In the lower tropical rain forests, generally in groups.

Uses:  Not used in Central Europe as face veneer. Serves as substitute for Teak in furniture making and used in the USA for interior boat fixtures and fittings.

Properties:  Similar to Oak, moist wood stains when coming into contact with ferrous metals.

Machining:  It works well but with a tendency to pick up the interlocking grain. Low feed speed should be used.

Seasoning:  Drying is slow with minimal shrinkage and good shape stability.

A typical specimen for Afrormosia (Pericopsis, elata)