Interwood Forest Products

Paldao (Dracontomelon, dao)

Similiar Woods:  European Walnut, Australian Walnut

Trade Names:  Paldao, Dao, New Guinea Walnut

Origin:  Papua New Guinea

Range:  Papua New Guinea and also widely distributed throughout the islands of the southwest pacific and southeast Asia

Uses:  To replicate Australian Walnut. Used for fine furniture, paneling and cabinetry

Properties:  A grayish brown color with contrasting stripes. It is a strong tough medium density wood.

Machining:  Works well with both hand and machine tools. Bends easily.

Seasoning:  Moderate shrinkage when drying with tendencies to warp, twist, and cup. Once dry the wood is stable.

A typical specimen for Paldao (Dracontomelon, dao)