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TRUEWOOD—not an imposter, not an imitation!

Use green products on your next project.

Introducing the first FSC reconstructed veneer which utilizes lower grades of a real wood specie and transforms it into a high yielding, defect free, architectural grade veneer which is ideally suited for the panel, door, and office furniture industry as well as other projects which require color consistency and perfection of grade.

Benefits of TRUEWOOD

  • Utilizing the lower grades of sustainable natural wood veneers and providing you with a product of perfection.
  • FSC certified, fixed lengths of oversized 8', 9' and 10' and fixed widths of oversized 12" making this a natural wood veneer with a predictable yield for any project
  • Consistency of color and grain which is usually hard to accomplish using natural wood veneers making TRUEWOOD ideal for architectural projects
  • Contains no dyes
  • Laminated using glues which comply with E1 Standards

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TRUEWOOD, another innovative product presented to you by INTERWOOD FOREST PRODUCTS, INC.